SPECIALTY SUPPORT SYSTEMS, INC.Support Service to the trades…

Where it all began…    

     Specialty Support Systems, Inc., was started in June of 1985, by Joseph M. Silva, Jr. Over the years the company expanded from humble beginnings to its present 20,000 square foot location in Levittown, Pennsylvania. In early 1986, Joe was joined by his father, Joseph Silva Sr., who brought his extensive Hanger Engineering and Sales experience to the table.

®  Our Mission Statement was, and remains, that we "SHIP ONLY QUALITY PRODUCT QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY". We pride ourselves on our quick turnarounds on Special Material and Fabrications.


®  Our QA/QC program is second to none. All Employees share in the pride of on time, quality work. 

®  Our Fleet of trucks deliver anywhere within a 200 mile radius, Our location, just North of Philadelphia, puts us in the middle of some of the best East - West, North - South shipping corridors in the country.  

®  Our product can be found not only Nationwide but Worldwide, with major PetroChem or Power Generation Products, shipped to China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Venezuela, Chile, England, and numerous other countries. 

®  We are proud to be a Union Shop, signed with the U.A. on a National Contract through our Phildelphia local, Steamfitters #420. 

®  Our Client list has grown over the years to include most of the Petrochemical, Power Generation, Pharmcentical, Water and Waste Treatment Industries and the major contractors that support these industries. 

®  It is with great pride that we "Welcome" you to our company Website and look forward to working with you on your Pipe Support, Engineered Product and Steel Fabrication needs.